What Car Should I Suggest?

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We’re out in Denver for Christmas and staying with a family friend. She is in need of a new car and asked for my help finding one. She just turned in her lease on a BMW X6 and is driving her parent’s spare car while she shops for a replacement. This time she’s looking to buy outright with a budget of around $90,000. She likes the Model S, but with frequent trips to Omaha (she lives in Denver) she isn’t 100% sold on the range of an electric car, and she may want something even more fun. She also loves the F-Type, which she’d want with AWD since it would be her daily and she lives, as I said, in Denver. I suggested a CPO Carrera 4S, which she also likes. Basically, the qualifications are as follows:

-Roughly $90,000

-New or CPO w/ warranty

-Fast/sporty, prefers coupes

-AWD strongly preferred (yeah I know, you can drive a Mustang with snow tires up Everest, but I’m not calling the shots here)


-Wants something “sexy and sophisticated” so no ZO6 or GTR.

We’ll see if this turns out to be another case of someone asking a car enthusiast for help but not actually taking their advice. Either way, she’s probably gonna get something cool.

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