There’s no real loser here - Tom, David, or Raph could win this round, or John - you might get something else totally awesome.

Like this old-school M3 which is plenty unique these days even if there IS other German hardware in the neighborhood. And has rear doors! But I digress...

But one little thing...


Let it rot in the sun, start it every couple weeks and go to the grocery store in it (trust me, you don’t want to drive the Skyline or the NSX to Walmart anyway).


Having a 3rd beater car to drive when your older cool car breaks is priceless.

Notice I didn’t say “breaks down.”

At the age of those older cars, things just wear out and fail. It’s part of the experience of owning something older - you just need a standing backup plan for those occasions when the clutch finally wears out or you break an axle and can’t get one until next week.

Added to the fact that these AREN’T Corollas - you’ll be driving them hard. If you’re doing it right, you WILL break them. You should take them to the track, you should do the occasional burnout, you should be redlining the car at least once or twice on every commute. Things will break, and you will fix them - but you’ll need something to drive while you do that.

The Corolla is worthless to anyone but you.

Don’t give it away.

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