It’s FWD, too.

We know a lot about what Oppo wants to drive, based on the many, many enthusiastic postings on here. However, what’s out there that you haven’t driven, but don’t want to drive?

Note, however, the following:

  • This isn’t about what you don’t want to own, just what you don’t want to drive.
  • If you’re morbidly curious about a car that has a terrible reputation, and want to see how bad it really is... you still want to drive it. (Recently, a friend of mine chose a Versa sedan with a CVT at a rental lot, out of such morbid curiosity. There’s a few cars that fit into that category for me, too.)
  • If you would turn down a drive out of fear for damaging the car, or fear for your life, that counts as not wanting to drive it. (I did turn down an opportunity to drive a modded R32 GT-R once, although that was situational - I wasn’t about to try to drive a high-powered RHD car (I’ve never driven RHD), on tight roads that I wasn’t familiar with. On more open roads, I’d have gone for it, so it wouldn’t count in this thread.)