I’ve been thinking about what comes after my Lancer Ralliart. This car has been a great time but it I’ve had it 6 years / 65k miles and it’s soon time to move on. The $950 Miata (with $5k worth of parts) is almost ready to take over temporary daily duties. Whatever I get next, I want it to be a relatively good buy. *Less than 20% depreciation over 3 years or gasp appreciation.

I very rarely (one/year?) need more than 2 seats, commute about 30 miles round trip in Bay Area Bay Bridge traffic. I love rawr-in-your-face cars. I wouldn’t discount a classic or an exotic with used warranty. Ideas?

Yes, I’ve considered the Elise but I don’t think it’s a great idea for the commute. To my disappointment, the 4C hasn’t yet hit $45k and I’m not certain they will.


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