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What Car Would Doc Brown Use Today?

I saw some BTTF Delorean diecast cars today in the store. Kind of got me thinking: what would Doc Brown have used if he had to use a modern car?


1) Needs to look good with the big afterburner things

2) Can’t be a Tesla

3) Must actually be able to hit the “serious shit” speed

4) For the sake of this exercise we’ve adjusted 88mph accordingly:

  • 1985 fastest production car: 188 mph (Ferrari 288 GTO)
  • 1985 Delorean top speed: ~130mph
  • 1985 movie speed: 88mph (47% of fastest production car) 
  • 2017 fastest production car: ~270mph (Venom GT)
  • 2017 movie speed: 126mph (47% of fastest production car)

Conveniently, that rules out a Prius. So don’t even try that shit.

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