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What Car Would Impress Your Mother?

As most of you know, I replaced my 257,000 mile Rio with a newish CUV. Now, it just so happens that part of my choice to purchase it over the Durango was that it was everything my mom had been considering to replace her Camry (Jeep, blue, buttons on the steering wheel). Though it was everything I wanted, the fact that I knew my mother would be excited and approve of the purchase really made it the obvious choice.

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Her reaction when I pulled up in the driveway was awesome! She even did the “look back” twice before making it back into the house. She didnt even ask how much it cost until I showed her the flashlight in the back. Love that little lady.

So I wanted to ask, if you bought a vehicle for yourself, what vehicle would impress your mother?


*Side note, by buying the CUV, she now has to buy the Cadillac CTS or ATS she has always wanted or a Tacoma (her and I both say you must have a sedan as the primary car and all other vehicles must be a different body style). She was really into the Cherokee Trailhawk she test drove, but she would never take that thing off road, she just liked UConnect and the “Hawk” part of the name. Personally I thought the entire Cherokee line was a poor value and was unimpressed (at those price points). She also loves anything that says “Sport” regardless of equipment.

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