Valentineā€™s Day is the perfect opportunity to spend time with someone you never knew you could have in your life. That said, if you could ask for any car to spend the day with, what car would you choose?

For me, Vanquish Volante without hesitation. Way out of my league, but isnā€™t that the point of Valentineā€™s Day?

Iā€™d do the long drive to Taos early Sunday morning, enjoying the interstate which switches into my favorite two lane highway through the mountains. The best part about the drive is that it is entirely uphill, and elevation climbing through a 55mph (posted) mountain highway in a vehicle with power is the best feeling in the world. Add in no top and a V12 and you know thatā€™s pure heaven. Probably have a nice Breakfast in Taos then drive back down to Santa Fe in order to shop and have a late Lunch. Once done with that, head back to Albuquerque and play around in one of the Casinos for the night.


Damn, if I could get the car and a date to come along, this would be a pretty good day! But instead Iā€™ll sit at home eating Funyuns in my pajamas. Ehhh, close enough.