I was thinking about this yesterday. Usually the first thing I say when I see a car I like is something like "I'd trade my car for that straight up." Normally I'm saying it a bit tongue-in-cheek because I'm talking about trading a $1500 car for something worth substantially more than that.

But what car, worth substantially more than my car, would I NOT trade my car for?

Naturally for this experiment, you wouldn't be able to sell the other car to buy yours back. You'd have to keep that car, your insurance rates won't change, and the maintenance costs don't change.

I would not trade my Corvair...


...for a Ferrari Mondial.


To paraphrase Dave Chappelle: the Ferrari Mondial is gross, I'm sorry, I just find it to be gross.

So Oppo! What wouldn't you trade your ride for? Feel free to include pictures of your car in the reply...I'd like to see what everybody's driving.