What car would you un-rarify?

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Image: Berris Fueller

Imagine... You’re wandering through the Amazon Rainforest when suddenly you come across a forgotten Aztek temple in the middle of an ancient junkyard! Staring at it in awe, you brush up against the fender of a centuries-old derelict IKA Renault Torino, and a genie in a kimono and lederhosen pops out of the headlight and tells you that you can choose one car to magically un-rarify. Just say the word, and he will magically cause an extra one million of that car to pop into existence all over the world. Think of all the cars that spend all their time locked away in museums and private collections for being too rare... all the super desirable cars that are too uncommon to be within reach of the common man/woman... and all of the wonderful communities that manage to form around even incredibly common cars such as Beetles. You now have the ability to potentially do that for one more car that maybe never got the chance. Or, you know, just make an extra million of a car pop into existence for no reason, just because.


What do you choose?

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