Imagine if you were visited by the Car Fairy, floating down like Tinkerbell, to rest on your lap. If you didn't swat her away she would have a proposal to put to you. She would say:

"I can gift you a car. Any car. Brand new or fully restored classic. You can have the car as soon as I flick my wand.

There are conditions. You will own the car forever. It will never rust or fall apart but you'll need to service it, and put fuel in it, and tax it. Also, you will never be able to sell it, nor buy or drive any other car.

If I gift you your dream car. What would it be?"

And then you've got to choose. Stay as you are with finance payments and depreciation, or take the Car Fairy's gift? What would you choose?

Me? I'd have to consider what I might need from a car for for the rest of my life. I have a family, a wife and ten year old son, who one day will be a strapping teenager. And three dogs. And when it snows you can only get a four or front wheel drive car out of the drive. And I like to build stuff myself so am often to be found loading the car after a trip to the DIY store.

But I'd ignore all of that, and choose a Porsche 911 Turbo S.

I ran this question on my site and twitter a few months back and was overwhelmed with the response. You can see the answers here.