Here's a mix up. I misread the FP headline listing cars that are great to drive, but terrible to own, and realized that cars that are terrible to drive but great to own are more plentiful and might end with some more fun answers, so I'll start with this.

I owned a 2000 Hyundai Elantra for a few years. I basically got it for free with the intention of driving it for a few months until it died, but it never happened. The thing understeered, rode terribly, one emergency braking event would cause brake fade, and had one of the most uncomfortable seats ever. On the other hand, it was given to me because no one would buy it (stupid cheap), the thing was completely indestructible, and it was seemingly impossible to run out of space in it. It's the only car that I have ever felt bad about getting rid of. I might even consider buying one again as a second car/gear hauler if I can find one with a manual.

What's your pick? What car is terrible to drive, but otherwise provide a wonderful ownership experience?