What cars can one import under the USA "show and display" exemption?

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By now, lots of us know that *pretty much* the overwhelming majority of cars sold around the world cannot be readily imported into the USA (due to intentionally differing standards) UNLESS they are at least 25 years old or if they qualify for the "show and display" exemption, thanks to Bill Gates wishing to import a Porsche 959 and being good friends with Clinton, the president at that time (1999).


According to wikipedia...

The "Show and Display" rule is a statutory amendment in the United States that allows certain privately imported automobiles to be exempted from the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) if the vehicle in question is deemed to meet a standard of "historical or technological significance". The amendment, which became law on August 13, 1999, is intended to apply to vehicles that could not feasibly be brought into compliance with the FMVSS, and that do not have a federal counterpart that was originally built for the United States market. Because of the expense and effort required to import a vehicle with this exemption, the approved vehicle list is mainly limited to high-value sports and touring cars.[1]Applications under the "Show and Display" rule are reviewed and managed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which allows the vehicles to be registered for limited use on public roads (2,500 miles annually).[2]

The approval for "Show and Display" import is granted if the prospective importer is able to show historical or technological significance of the vehicle in question, and if the vehicle was produced in limited numbers (with 500 being used as a threshold value.) Import approval is granted on a combination of make, model, and production-year; thus, there is no need to re-apply for approved vehicles when further examples are imported in the future. Because the manufacturer of a "Show and Display" vehicle does not necessarily endorse its import, such automobiles would be considered grey imports.



I'm pretty curious of what's out there that may qualify, for information sake. There was an oppo article about someone that imported a Nismo Skyline GT-R R32 slightly before R32s were 25 years old, since apparently 500 or less were made of the Nismo version. That crazy 6x6 Merc G wagon was also imported!


What other cars were made in 500 units or less and are very special? The newer, the better! I hope this could give people ideas and more could make it to our shore.

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