This is what came up when I searched for “female auto enthusiast.” Wow.
Image: Google

Let me elaborate: I saw a person of the opposite sex driving a newer STI wagon this morning. I assumed she was an enthusiast, because I don’t think that’s just a ca

Right off the bat I would disqualify any M Sport thingy, fake AMG, or S Line car, and the S cars (S4, S5, etc). Those are all just higher trims which I don’t think are specially sought out by enthusiasts. I would almost say the same thing for M, AMG, and R Quattro cars. I say that because I think it’s quite common for either new managers to walk into a store and order an M3, C63, or S5 to show off how much they suck at handling new wads of cash.

Having said that, I think whenever I see someone in an GTI/Golf R, STI/WRX, Civic Si, and other cars I can’t think of, I assume they’re an enthusiast.

What say you?