I love finding information out about my car, as I am sure many of us petrolheads do, regardless of what we drive! :)

I was browsing around the ‘net last night and came across paint code charts for all he Hyundai models from my car’s model year (2009). My car is painted in by far the most common color for the 2006-2010 Accent sedans/hatchbacks, i.e. paint code ‘2M’, called ‘Charcoal Gray Pearl’...oddly enough, this same paint code seems to have been called different names in different markets, despite being literally the same color and paint code. The official touch-up paint pen that came with my car lists the color as being ‘Midnight Gray Metallic’.

I tend to call it the latter as the paint is definitely more metallic than pearl! I’ve always liked the rare ‘Apple Green’ color on my generation of Accent hatchback, nice to see something more bright and cheerful!


My old 2002 Subaru Impreza 2.5TS wagon was code 07V - ‘Savannah Green Metallic’..


What color/colors did/does your car come in Oppo?