What colour should I paint my winter steel rims?

So over lunch some coworkers and I came to the conclusion that we should all bring our rusty winter steel rims into work and hold a paint party in the back shop after work one night.

The question is what colour should I paint them?

That one in the topshot is the dream but realistically I have neither time nor talent to create it.

Current status only grimier and rustier

Currently they’re basic black but given the opportunity why wouldn’t I pick a different colour (this is how my brain works)

This is the paint I intend to use from Canucky Tire, it’s cheap and comes in a pretty wide range of colours.


So here are the choices:

White: I love the look of white rally wheels but on my car I fear it’d look like wearing white new balance with a three piece suit...


Fire red: this would pick up on the red accent on the GLI grill I swapped onto it but that would be better if it was subtle, like just red calipers. Plus I’m not sure about bright primary colors in general.


Court/Mist grey: dark grey would merge with the Paint or more likely just look slightly off. Lighter battleship grey seems to be in as a car paint now (see Stinger, Kia and 300, Chrysler however I suspect it’ll just look like I got lazy and stopped at primer


Orange: love orange wheels but I’m not sure it’s extrovert enough to pull them off.

Yellow: might just look like I’ve got the donuts on all winter

Oxford blue: see above on primary colours, I suspect neutrals are the way to go.

Aluminum: My friend needs to redo his Taco’s wheels silver anyway and it works really well on the RAV4s and Subarus I see with factory winter steels but still seems a bit basic.


Green: this is a strong contender as I love British racing Green on anything but it’ll probably end looking more like camo and just be confusing.


Brown: this is where I’m leaning as bronze alloys are what I really want for this car. It should look different without being overdone. However I am concerned about it actually just looking like poop 💩. Think I’ll try it and go splurge on bronze spray paint if it doesn’t work.

Ideally I’d go brown/bronze with a chrome or VW brand center hubcap: sorta like these.


These are off a eurovan so not sure they’d fit, also theyre pricey OEM. Anyone got any tips on where to get the type of center caps they put on police Chargers etc?


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