What could have been

Introduced as a concept in 2008 right before the whole industry went up in flames, the Holden Coupe 60 concept would have essentially been a new Monaro. GM had tried to bring the Monaro over in 2004 as the GTO to mixed success, meaning the GM bean counters didn’t feel like another Zeta-based coupe had much room beside the soon to be released Camaro. So with what they felt was limited market appeal, they let it go quietly into the night. But what could have been?

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Well I, for one, think that this design language, coupled with the interior quality we had seen on the GTO/Monaro would have lended itself nicely to turning this into another line of GM personal Coupes. See, the problem with the GTO is that it did not try hard enough to be “cool”. GM learned from this mistake and did everything it could to overstyle the Camaro to let you know this was a cool, retro car. With an exterior that was aggressive but not overwrought, and an interior that was functional but not utilitarian, the GTO was always more Monte Carlo than Chevelle.

But see, that’s not what a GTO buyer would want. But what about a Riviera buyer? Or a Monte Carlo buyer? These markets still exist. Don’t believe me? Then how come Cadillac sold so many CTS Coupes during the time it was available? And on top of that, it had multiple brand appeal. If GM had brought it over with a 5.3 in base spec, and the LS7 in SS form, the public would have eaten it up. It would have re-birthed a muscle car segment separate from the resurgent pony cars. And GM would have been the company to do it.


Oh if only. What could have been...

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