A Yamaha V6, 5-speed manual, and mechanical ineptitude. I see no possible issues.

If I had the disposable income to spend on a weekend warrior track car this isn’t too bad of an option. Stumbled upon my local Craigslist came this 1995 Ford Taurus SHO. It has everything right with the mid-90s SHO, Yamaha, 5-speed, and the supple 90s green. All for $500.

Selling a horrible looking 95 Taurus SHO. Will start and drive with a Battery in it. Needs a new battery, alternator, brakes. Exhaust backfires a little, was told O2 sensors or cat converters. Is a 5 speed manual transmission. As i said, it DOES run and drive, kinda stops. Perfect engine and clutch. Just looks like hell and needs some easy work done to it. CLEAN TITLE!!!

Text, Call or Email if interested.

The car actually seems to look pretty good, unless all of that brown stuff on the bottom of the doors is rust, then there are plenty of issues. There is evidence of at least one impact on the left rear quarter panel which hopefully is cosmetic, but would certainly need to be examined further. The lack of interior shots and mileage is also a bit concerning because the car is described as horrible looking. From what I can see through the windows, it doesn’t look horrible.


Mechanically, the owner comments that the battery seems to not hold a charge and the exhaust backfires. The charge not holding might be an alternator which can be sourced from the Pick-n-Pull for $22. The backfire is claimed to be from an O2 sensor or the catalytic converter. It doesn’t make too much sense to me because I would think a backfire would be a bit more serious than just a O2 sensor or cat. converter.


Anyway O2 sensor is relatively cheap and simple, but just in case let’s look at a catalytic converter...


...oh boy... that’s as much as the car...

Still though, it could make a fun odd ball track car/weekend warrior. If I had the ability to take on a project car, it is not a bad candidate.