In short: Not much that I didn’t already know.

It’s all there, the interior is probably actually nicer in person than it looks in the pictures...I was giving it about an 8 in the pictures but I’m calling it a 9 now. It has one small hole in the frame that I found, the passenger side control arms both broke in the impact and were removed, but the mounts look good.

Probably the disappointing part of seeing it was that I was told it ran great, and it wouldn’t run at all when I was there. It turned and turned and turned, but we pulled a boot off a plus and the car has no spark.

He said it ran before, several times that day in fact, but naturally not when I was standing there in front of it. I tend to actually believe him that it ran, he described the car 100% accurately to that point. There’s not a ton of things it could be...ECU, blown fuse, crank position sensor, coil pack. None of them are particularly pricey, but hearing it run would make me feel a lot better about the internals.

As far as options, we’ve got WE2 for the Grand National package, G80 for posi traction, GU6 for a 3.42 rear gear, and K34 for cruise control...there’s more of course, it’s a pretty high option car.



The auction for the truck ends Sunday, so I’ll spend the next four days talking myself into and out of it. Last night I was in, this morning I was out, right now I’m back in. Hopefully the truck sells for so much money that it makes the choice easy.