I’m now a married man, and I have just returned from two weeks in Hawaii (I almost didn’t make it home). As with any good trip, I’ve got some stories so read on if you care and if not happy Monday!

First, my wedding band as I have been promising pics. Made from race used F1 carbon fiber. My fantastic wife found a jewelry maker in Sweden that has access to the material and has a unique style for CF rings. I snapped the below pic because I had almost lost it twice while we were in the ocean.

Best part - wildlife/people, worst part - helicopter ride.

I was certain that I would love the helicopter as I love all vehicles...NOPE. There were six of us crammed into this thing that looks like it was a giant erector set. The whole time we’re boarding I’m thinking “this shit flys!?” As we took off, the 5-6 boy who was also aboard started puking his guts out... I was in the middle of the back row (2 seats up front/4 in back) So my ride consisted of puke smell with a bunch of gigantic camera lenses in my face on what was already an uncomfortable flight. Luckily it was only 45 minutes and I was able to chill myself out enough to appreciate views of the Na Pali Coast and the original caldera of Kauai (the wettest spot on the planet). I had a hard time accepting that I didn’t like it. I’ve driven a car within spitting distance of 190mph, I’ve hucked myself off multiple cliffs/bridges, and generally have no problem with relatively dangerous scenarios. However if you ever get me on a helicopter again it will because I really need to get to a hospital in a hurry.


Na Pali Coast

On to the good stuff (everything else). We went snorkeling a bunch which was cool and a little scary once you get in/around a big piece of the reef as you don’t want to disturb the reef/coral nor do you want it to disturb your skin. We saw all kinds of fish/crabs/eels... then I carefully floated over a big patch of coral and... SEA TURTLES!!! 4 of them ranging in size, and the we’re all just chilling. They were keeping an eye on me but otherwise did not seem bothered by my presence. After a few pics I let them be as my wife and I found a sandy area to re adjust our gear and talk about the turtles. Just then we saw another one, this time swimming in the open sandy area where we were standing. He swam circles around us and picked at the sand that we kicked up with our fins. I swam back toward the reef right along side him/her, but a few other people saw that there was a turtle and by the time there were 4 or 5 people following it, he/she had understandably enough and took off into the reef. Just seeing a sea turtle was on both of our “bucket lists”, but getting to swim with them all by ourselves was truly amazing.


Sea Turtle @ Anini Beach

It seems as if all of the Animals in Kauai are more comfortable with people than anywhere I have ever been. Two monk seals pulled up right on the beach in front of us when we were watching the sunset one night!


Fish @ Anini

Finally the funny stuff. We were having lunch the day of our return flight, and I said to my wife “I have a little problem, and that is that I’m not flying home today.” She laughed and I laughed, and then I said “No really, I’m not getting on a fuckin’ plane today.” She asked why, and I couldn’t really give her a good answer but I said “I just can’t do it today, I can’t sit in a seat where I can barely move for 12-13 hours.” We kicked around our options and we’re planning to stay another night or two, which would be expensive, but I didn’t care at the time. Then we started talking work. We both could have gotten away with taking a few more days, but I needed those days because I’m in my buddy’s wedding in a few weeks and she had stuff that she needed to be home for. So she finally said “Ok, I know you don’t want to do this, but you have to go to the ER and tell them that you’re too anxious to fly.” I thought that they would look at me like a drug addict and tell me to piss off, but they did just the opposite. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes with a script for 4 Valium. By the time we were boarding we could have been getting on a rocket ship and I wouldn’t have cared. I slept on an airplane for the first time in my life, it was glorious. I don’t think I will ever take another long flight without out it haha.


On a car related note, my S3 felt like an S500 after driving the rental for two weeks. Also, today marks one year since I bought it so I guess it’s time for a review.