So...Friday before last I got the fuel tank replaced on my car as the old one was leaking from a small rust pinhole around the weld seam halfway down the tank.

All has been well. No more leaks, no more gas smell, no check engine lights no nothing.

The last time I filled up my tank last week, the pump didn’t seem to click off as I was pumping like it should. I stopped it myself without waiting for it to click and went on my way, then called the garage later to say “Hey, the pump didn’t click off like it’s supposed to.” (I had to put 46 litres into the tank, according to the pump...and it only holds 45 from the factory...)


They said “Oh, as it’s an after-market tank, it’s likely slightly larger than your old tank was. Just keep filling it next time until it clicks off and you’ll be fine.”

So, I went to do that this time and it only clicked off when gas started pouring out of the top of the filler neck where the cap goes on...

What did they screw up when they put my tank back in that is causing the fuel pump to misread when to shut off and therefore overflow?

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