The Internet is a mysterious place where even magnets and miracles are old-school and childish. It is a playground for trolls, people of identity-crisis and for those who just make stuff up. You make make people dead and dead ones alive and make it believable. I ran across something like this just now, and I know it’s 1st April, but I’d buy into it. Thus Champ Car.

Champ Car was - of course - one of the predecessors of today’s IndyCar series, flying the flag for most of the teams after the split, grasping on to North America’s Monaco, and a successor of the otherwise magnificent CART series, which was so cool at one point, even F1 world champions went there for a new challenge, let it be Nigel Mansell or a wavering Ayrton Senna. But then of course Champ Car wasn’t met with a unanimous hurrah, especially because IRL grew stronger and stronger with the former starting to look like your uncle Dave’s used underwear after a hard day of sweaty wood-chopping.

It seems, though, haters of Tony George never even acknowledged the existence of IRL, so much, that the third search result for ‘Champ Car’ in Google brings out an almost convincingly believable website for Champ Car World Series. At first I believed it was actually an existing competition with some people using old Champ Car chassis for club racing, just as e.g. people in BOSS GP do, because they even have a calendar for 2014.

After a few random checks of programs at said tracks, I couldn’t find any evidence for the existence of these races, so I focused my attention to thinking it might be a fantasy racing thing, but again, no. It has contacts to reach, driver profiles, etc., so I thought maybe it’s just the dates that keep refreshing themselves for some reason and these are results of the past, but I couldn’t line them up with any of the Champ Car seasons of the past.

So what is it? Have I just simply skipped some detail that would explain the existence of this website? Is it the best IndyCar-related April’s Fools joke you can come across today? Or is it simply one person’s idea of a dream league, like the one I fantasise about in my wet dreams?


Can you explain the daft author of this article what the hell this website could be?