I got mine a valve cover gasket, spark plugs and wires, and a new set of Silverstar Ultra high and low beams.

Also, here’s a dumb thing that happened today: I had bought oil and a filter and dropped the Cruiser off at my mechanic to get that changed. When I picked it up, I saw that his guy didn’t use my oil or filter, but they still only charged me like $30 for 8 or so quarts and a filter. Conventional oil, I’m sure, but it’ll due until next week when I do the valve cover gasket...then I’ll drain it and fill it with Rotella T6 (apparently highly recommended for these, also on sale for $18 a gallon at Advance) and a K&N oil filter (because I’m a simpleton and can’t not buy the most expensive oil filter available).

In the next two months or so I’ve got about a $1000 bonus coming, I’m thinking either a 2.5 inch lift or getting all the (still very minor) rust repaired on the body. Lift is winning, because lift.