No, they are not all members of my fleet ... I wish ... well, the Chinese 150 not so much, but definitely the rest.

What they do share in common, is that those will be the vehicles participating in what my wife has dubbed Idiot Fest 2019. For the last two years on the last weekend of September, Bill and I have run the Gambler 500-Illinois. The first year we ran the RallyMetro, and last year we rode scooters. I took my 125, and Bill rode a janky untested Honda Helix missing most of its bodywork (and crashed it twice). Lapsed Opponaut Birddog joined us as well for the scooter run, and ran blocker behind us in his 300k+ mile Suburban.


This year will be different. The Gambler has moved to southern Illinois this time around, which is out of range of Bill and I. As teachers we get lots of time off, but we do not get to choose when it is. There is no tacking a personal day onto each side of a weekend. But we still want to have an adventure.

Birddog came up with the idea of starting in Galena, IL on Saturday morning, and heading up along the Mississippi river into Wisconsin. We will then cross over into Minnesota, and stop for the night around Rochester. Sunday we’ll head down into Iowa, and then cross over back to Illinois.

So that’s what we’re doing. I will be on my 125 again, and Bill has decided to do a bit of Gamblin’ and ride the Chinese 150 he bought last year. Birddog will again be running blocker behind us, but this time in his recently purchased ‘78 Chevy C10 longbed that spent 15 years in a field before the previous owner rescued it.

So we set it up, and I then remembered my buddy Baitboy recently moved to Shullsburg, WI, which is really close to Galena, IL. So I contacted him and gave him the rundown of the plan. He decided to join us on his 80's Rebel 250. We then adjusted the starting point to his house, so I don’t have to leave my truck at the Galena Walmart overnight.


So that’s where we’ll be this weekend. Four idiots and a rag-tag bunch of vehicles that have no business traveling 400-500 miles in one weekend. I can’t wait!

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