Should I install top of the line coilovers, or sell them and focus on different mods for now?

I could put my Xida coilovers on, but at minimum that would lower my car an inch and a half, probably more. I’m already on the edge as far as ground clearance goes for offroad dirt shenanigans... And I really don’t want to be limited to just street stuff. Running up and down mountains is free, track days aren’t. I could sell the Xidas and free up a ton of cash for various other projects... But I saved up quite a while for these, after lusting over them for years. I consider them the pinnacle of Miata suspension design, I’d be heartbroken to see them go.

Pros for putting on the Miata:

Already have them at home

High speed cornering confidence would shoot up exponentially

They’re freakin’ Xidas

One of my shocks is blown (and has been since purchasing the car, probably)

Much more comfortable than stock.

No more body roll

Duel springs, bullet coaxial mounts so I’d be covered under all driving conditions


They’re freakin’ Xidas!

My car would finally fit under most gates


I own zero power tools, so I’d either have to buy stuff, pay a shop, or deal with high torque rusty suspension bolts using 3/8 sockets.... Yeah no.


Ground clearance. I wouldn’t be slammed, but I’d still scrape a lot of things. Like leaves, and O2 molecules

No more offroading without greatly increasing risks of damage. Might be able to counteract this with a thin steel underbody sheet??


Pros for selling:

Resale value is insane. These are the Toyota Tacoma of aftermarket Miata parts. Xidas with 30,000 miles easily fetch 70-80% of what they sold for. Mine are mint, zero wear, with all upgrades offered from 949 racing.


If I sell, I could buy a Craigslist kawasaki 250 or similar and finally start riding. Or a scooter + mods. This would be especially nice because I’d have another vehicle if the Miata was undergoing any big projects.

Or, I could buy a professionally built 1.8 off of someone on the Miata forums. Finally get some more power.... And keep it NA for reliability and responsiveness.


Or or, save up a few more weeks and pick up trackspeed engineering’s lust worthy turbo kit...

I’m conflicted. I’ll probably just hold on to them for awhile haha