I just picked up my Passat from inspection. Apparently my dad has been talking to the owner of the shop, and mentioned I planned on modifying it.

Long story short, I told the mechanic I want to put on Adjustable Coilovers*. He told me I’d have a rougher ride, lower safety, and It’d impact the transmission (there was a couple other things but the transmission stuck out). and it’d be better to sell it and just get a WRX. Except Im to dumb love it to much to sell it.

I don’t mind a rougher ride, part of the reason I want a lower car is a stiffer/rougher ride. And while there are speed bumps and the such in my area, I don’t plan on slamming it. Just an 1in-1.5in. (Partially because I read that if I lowered it beyond that I’d compromise the Suspension geometry).

I was told he’d heard stories of guys understeering because they thought they’re cars would handle. Which leads me to my question, what do I need to make my Passat handle better? I thought I could slap adjustable Coilovers on there and be fine. Im thinking I’d also need beefier sway bars or something**.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

*I know Adjustable Coilovers are expensive, I want them because I live in the Northeast, and I’d like to have a stiff ride in Summer and Fall, and a softer ride in Winter and early spring. And I want to buy preformancne parts because I know I’m not impressing anyone with my Passat.


**Yes I’m a complete dumbass when it comes to suspensions. I really thought I had it figured out, but now I don’t know what to think.