They all influenced Mustang design. It’s well known that the fourth-generation Mustang was developed into a FWD sport compact and was ready for release, only to be renamed as something else entirely after Ford took the biggest brow beating of its life from enthusiasts.

After finding themselves back to the drawing board with a swift kick in the ass, the Mustang team hurriedly went to work, scrambling to come up with a more worthy replacement Mustang. As the engineering department re-worked the ever living hell out of the old Fox platform, the design department had struggles of its own, trying to figure out what this new Mustang should look like, while working within the the confines of the existing platform. Some didn’t want to depart too far from the looks of the now-Ford-Probe, and preferred something stylistically modern, suave, and European. Others wanted to wash away the stench of such things, and come up with something aggressive and muscular.


In the end, three designs came through: The “Rambo” design, a low and aggressive design; the “Schwarzenegger” design, not quite as muscular as the “Rambo,” but more toned and taut than the Ford Probe. The third design was the least aggressive of the three, and focused on a lean, sleek look with less visual mass. This third design, slightly more reminiscent of the Ford Probe, was itself given a nickname: the “Bruce Jenner” concept. Utlimately, the Jenner concept was discarded as being too soft, and the Rambo concept was rejected for being too aggressive. The Schwarzenegger concept provided the middle ground, falling somewhere in between the aggressive muscle and the leaner, sleek look. As a result, it would be the chosen design for the SN-95 Mustang.

Picture below is the Jenner concept

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