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What do Tesla owners replace their cars with?

Hello everyone, it’s Luke here. I was wondering something (while I was in the shower) you know where most greatest thoughts are wondered of. Did you know Edison thought of how to make the light bulb in the shower?

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Pictured is the best color that the Tesla Model S is in CLEARLY.

With the new option for people to purchase second hand Tesla Model Ses, what do their owners replace them with? I’ve read from Autotrader used Model S descriptions (and possibly the Tesla press release) that a lot of people would sell their Model Ses to upgrade, such as a 60 to an 85 or an 85 to a P85D, but surely this can’t happen for everyone.


I only know of one Tesla Model S that I live close to, although I can’t go to dinner about 6 miles away to my parents’ favorite Chinese restaurant without running into 5 or 6 of them, but they haven’t sold theirs yet. Do you know anyone that have sold their Tesla Model Ses and replaced it with something else? A hybrid, another electric vehicle, a traditional luxury barge (S-Classes?))

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