What Do These Cars All Have in Common?

Is your response that they’re all iconic race cars? Well, you’d be about half right. I say “about half”, because these are not actually the cars that they appear to be. They are all Kei car versions that are raced in something called the K4-GP.

During another late night session of random internet browsing, I came across the Ford GT40 seen above. At first glance, something seemed off about it. Then it dawned on me when I started looking at the cars next to it. The GT40 is way smaller than it should be.

Yay Cappuccino!

Twice a year, Fuji Speedway hosts endurance races for these adorable little race cars (other circuits around Asia also host events throughout the year). One race is 500km, and the other is 1000km. No, you don’t need to own a version of a famous race car that’s been shrunken down. Any Kei car will do. You can see all sorts of fun little cars we never got in the U.S. doing battle. Suzuki Cappuccino, Honda S660 and Beat, Autozam AZ-1, various sorts of Daihatsu, and so on. It’s considered an affordable way to get involved in door-to-door racing, and seeing cars built on a shoestring budget seems to be fairly common. Essentially, having just the basic safety features (such as tow hooks and roll cages) is enough.

On larger tracks, races have been known to host over 200 entries at once. And since power output is limited to 65hp, sometimes teams must get creative when it comes to weight reduction on their already tiny cars.

That’s one way to save weight...

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