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What do you do, hotshot? WHAT DO YOU DO?

Trying to decide whether to go with "keep my nose out of other people's business" here or "hey, maybe I should say something":
Yesterday, mid-afternoon, was at a Walmart and saw an SLK55 AMG driving through the parking lot. Driver didn't stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk and as the car came closer, I was all "Hmm, let's see what kind of douche is driving this..."

...It was a mechanic from the dealership across the street. Now ... I tried not to jump to conclusions, but it was hard to come up with any explanation but: This mechanic was running errands at a Walmart in a customer's $75,000 car. How I got to that conclusion:

  • It was not a car they were selling - it didn't have dealer tags; in fact, it had regular tags with a license plate frame from another dealership.
  • The driver was wearing a dirt-smeared mechanic's shirt from the dealership across the street.
  • The car had a plastic bag over the driver's seat.
  • I'm thinking it was pretty unlikely it was the mechanic's personal car because of the license plate frame thing - I doubt a mechanic would go across town to purchase a car from another dealership.

I'm OK with mechanics road-testing a car. And I know that there are some situations where you need to drive it a bit, let it sit, drive it some more, etc. And part of me is, of course, ready to mock the precious hand-wringing of a Mercedes owner; in that vein, I still remember an April Fool's version of where they had BMW's instructions for removing spilled water from a floormat. (Spray Invisible Stain Remover, Part 45-2915, on the affected area and let sit 5 minutes....) But this seems like a stupid thing to do - an errant wind-blown shopping cart causes the dealership an enormous, expensive headache.

So: Do I call the dealership and say "hey, this seemed uncool" or just let it slide and think to myself "Hey. Maybe that dealership doesn't have the most responsible service department"

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