What do you do to motivate yourself to get out and about to do “car” things?

I’m terrible about what I’ll call destination activities. Looking back on my childhood, I was extremely lucky. We grew up fairly rural, so when I wanted to ride my go kart, I went out in the back yard and rode it! Same with dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, sleds, boats, etc.

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Now that I’m somewhat of an adult, I live in large suburban sprawl, but I have, well, mountains and stuff just an hour, hour and a half away. But now that it’s not my literal backyard, I’m really bad about driving somewhere to then do something (again I’m talking vehicle related activities....track, trails, etc). It doesn’t help that the family isn’t as interested in doing those things as I am, so I don’t have anyone else spurring me to go do those activities. Maybe I just haven’t found the right thing to motivate for, yet.

So what ends up happening is I start building things for a purpose, like the track built Miata, but the track was too far away. Or the 4Runner that I at least didn’t go as hard core over the top as I did the Miata, that doesn’t hit the trail as much as it should. Maybe that will change this coming year, but that depends on having willing participants. It’s a big reason why I haven’t at least made the mistake of buying dirt bikes, as they’d end up paperweights.


How do you motivate, Oppo? And how involved in your hobby is your family?

Have a Jeep J6 for your time.

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