I have a friend who has borderline horrible taste in cars. Actually, it's not so much the cars themselves, as their paint jobs or wraps. He loves chrome. I would say to the extent of it being borderline fetish. Other than chrome wrap jobs, he really knows and loves cars. Do I keep trying to show him great paint jobs, or do I let it go? Am I being too judgemental? After all, I'm on Jalopnik, and it's Drive Free or Die betches. I really, really try to not judge people's taste in cars, to each their own, but this

is effing horrendous, IMHO. He might as well told me he likes attending Furry conventions on the weekends, or being knee deep in greased up little people on Friday nights. There's just certain things I don't want to know about someone. So, do I just let it go or what?