What do you guys use to clean the inside of your windshields?

As I said earlier, I am going to give my car the full treatment tomorrow.


Over the years, I got pretty good at detailing my whip, but there is this one problem that still bugs me. Whenever I clean the inside of my windshield, I get the feeling that whatever product I use I leave a little more residue than I pick up. I want it to be devoid of ANYTHING to avoid it misting up in winter, but I have yet to find the perfect way to achieve that. I've tried spray bottles with the usual in-house window cleaner and paper towels, foams for car windows, wet wipes for windows etc.... I want it to be as clean as a surgical table, but I haven't found the right way to get there. Always some little clouds.

So what do you guys use? And don't tell me about specific products, as they probably won't be available over here, just the general type of product and how you apply it.

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