What do you hate the most about your country? Where you live?

Quesiton is simple... Please don’t turn it into a shit show... :)

France: (I’m french) The fact that money, making money is seen sort of badly. If you’re successful many poeple think it’s because you’ve done something bad at some point. You don’t pull lot of cash out of your wallet to pay something, you don’t talk about money, how much you earn...etc. Money is taboo and that’s really stupid!


Japan: (I live in Japan) Zombies. Japanese people seem like zombified when it comes to political problems or problems in general. They have a “Shoganai” (which translates by “well, that sucks... c’est la vie!!”) way of thinking that is borderline unbearable. If something is wrong, unjust, they won’t do shit about it. “Shoganai”. I don’t know if it’s stupid TV shows making them like that, but damn people, react, fight!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!! (Japanese people are usually pretty awesome and nice when taken one at a time. As a society... it’s “different”)

So, where do you come from? What about your country? What is it that you can’t stand??

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