So after waiting 4 months to get my Chargers rear passenger side door fixed I finally got it back last week looking all nice and pretty. Fast forward to today and I’m in line waitng for an open parking space to get groceries and lo and behold this lady in a 1500 decides to just start backing up in the drive lane in front of me and smashes into the front of my car. Never mind the extremely loud horn honking I was doing she’s in a big truck so they can’t hear things apparently. Now it needs a grille and a bumper...great. She gets out and apologizes obviously and then give me her insurance info which as it’s in a parking lot is pretty much standard protocol in TX as the police won’t bother with parking lots when no one is hurt.

Of course I find out her insurance is some company called Elephant insurance which sounds like some kind of joke name and from the reviews online they sound like total schmucks to deal with. Any of you had experience with them on a claim? I may just call it into my insurance and let them deal with it depending on how her insurance responds tomorrow. Needless to say I’ll take it back ot the place that fixed it last time as they did a stellar job matching the paint which on a car that the color is somewhat rare is no small feat.


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