So I ordered a Google Pixel (the 5" version) to replace my LG G4 which has been giving me wireless issues (no connection to data and spotty Wifi, though calls and text work fine so I can deal for now). I would like to get a case for it to protect the glass. I never used a case on my G4 as it is a very shock resistant design (plastic and curves for the win!) and there were no cases for it which I liked (I blame the curved display). Back when I had my Galaxy I has a Speck Candyshell which I really liked. They don’t seem to produce that particular design anymore though (at least not the smooth version). I would like to get something that doesn’t add to much bulk to the phone and has a smooth finish.

I was looking at this Spigen case. It looks like a nice, not bulky solution, which also transfers the character of the Pixel through the case (I am in the camp who likes the look of the glass panel on the back). It also doesn’t have a massive gaping hole for the camera and sensors, something a lot of cases for this phone have.


What do you like for cases Oppo? My phone won’t be arriving until sometime next week so I have some time do decide. This is also the first metal phone I have owned so I am probably a bit more concerned than I need to be as both my G4 and my Galaxy were completely fine.

Have a happy looking Ford Focus based aircraft piloted by the great Colin McRae for your time.

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