What do you listen to Oppo?

No, what do you REALLY listen to? :P

I had mentioned this in a comment awhile back and thought it might be interesting to see what the rest of us use! So....what kind of headphones do you use?

For me, my ‘decent headphones’ are 1979-1982 Sony DR-S4s that once belonged to my grandmother that she used when practicing on her electric organ to play in church, haha! I primarily use them on my laptop.



I had to fix these up and modify them...they originally came with the larger 1/4" stereo jack, but I removed that and soldered on a 3.5mm jack to use with my computers, MP3 player and phone. Each ear also had separate volume rheostats so volume could be adjusted on each ear individually, but both were shot and created static / caused the sound to cut out on one side or another, so I opened them up and soldered a wire on each side bypassing the rheostats to make both sides just a constant volume (I always adjust volume on the device rather than the headphones anyway)...problem solved!

The earmuffs were completely shot as well in that the original foam was hard as a rock and worn flat, so they were very uncomfortable and would give me a headache after a bit of listening....my brother had an old Turtle Beach headset he accidentally ripped the cord out of, so I took the relatively new, undamaged/unworn earmuffs off of that broken headset and superglued them to the DR-S4s. Overall, my DR-S4s are a bit grungy and a bit hacked together, but they still have a nice sound to them, plus it’s kindof fun knowing I’ve ‘personalized’ them myself and that they are still in the family, so to speak. :)

Otherwise, I have a pair of cheap Sony MDR-G45 behind-the-head headphones

for whatever/whenever, though I mostly use them with my Sandisk Sansa Clip+ 2GB (with added 4GB MicroSD card) MP3 player running Rockbox custom firmware.


I also have a blue pair of JVC Marshmellow in-ear earbuds I keep in my laptop bag at all times in case I am out and about and didn’t bring my decent headphones with me. I have a headset for my desktop PC as well...


a Dunherm DH-6000...a good friend had given it to me a few years ago. :)

How do you enjoy your music Oppo?

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