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So, browsing Craigslist today, I have found a 1996 Cherokee Sport. He's asking $400. No pics in the ad but I did go drive by to take a look at it today. It was really rough. Roof seemed rather rusty, doors were missing trim, no headliner, airbag was out of the steering wheel, and filthy as hell. But, it did run and drive fine with no issues whatsoever. Talking with him, he'd take $350.


This seems to me like a really good deal. I could either A) Fix it up and sell for a hell of a lot more. These are great to find parts for since there are so many aftermarket.


Or B) Buy it and part out. I mean most of it was there, and bits and pieces could give me good money.

Possible C) Lemons car?!?!

I liked the idea of having another XJ, I mean the first car my parents had when I was born was a black 96 XJ just like this one but in MUCH better shape. But this being an automatic and so rough, I wouldn't want to buy this one AT ALL.


Am I an idiot here? I just feel that I could flip for money with some cleaning and junkyard hunting!

Lead photo from Google. If it looked this good, it'd be in my driveway by now.

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