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What do you think? (Subies)

I've been looking for a decent winter beater/cheap rallycross car, and long story short, I've got my eye on two late '90's Subies in the area that are in my nominal price range - a '98 Legacy L and a '97 Legacy GT. The L is, as the ad states, in need of new heads and timing apparatus. The GT suffers the misfortune of being an automatic.


What do you think, Oppolock? Get the driveable GT now and work on fixing the lack of manual at a later date when I'm doing other drivetrain fixes/replacements ('cause you know with north of 200K on the clock, that's going to happen sooner or later)? Or find a truck and trailer to borrow from one of my friends (I live in mid Missouri, I know I can get one from someone), haggle the L owner down closer to $1 grand, and work on a head replacement right out of the gate before I can even drive it?

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