So, for those of you who haven’t been paying too much attention, I’ve started moving all of my social media, unpaid blogging, social commentary, and CARSCARSCARS underneath one moniker, Nippolitica. I’m not changing my kinja or my Twitter, and I don’t have a public Facebook (although I might make one). So far, I’ve got my WordPress, my Instagram, and my Patreon underneath this “brand” (I don’t even like being that blunt about it, but covering stuff is expensive).


I’m not doing this “branding” to make a profit, which isn’t really something you should be blatantly doing on Oppo anyway, but I would like to be in a position where covering cool car stuff (and just other cool stuff in Japan) is a bit easier. So, I’m curious, what would you like me to cover, Oppo peeps? I’ll still post to Oppo, of course.

Previously Correspondent, Asia at Jalopnik and LGBT Editor at Jezebel. Lover of the Oxford Comma, despite AP Style, and the Commonwealth "S." Patreon:

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