What Do You Want To Know About The 2015 Silverado 2500HD?

*Re-Post With Photos I Took At A Job Site I've Been Wanting To Check Out*

Yup, that's right I got me a big ol work truck for the next week instead of the Camaro ZL1. Obviously I'm not taking this behemoth on the Pacific Northwest hunt for great driving roads. Instead I think I'll head east into the San Bernardino area, get this thing dirty.


The particular model I've got has a CNG tank in the bed which is activated by a toggle switch in the cabin. The 6.0L V-8 has specialty valves hardened specifically for this configuration in addition to valve seats for CNG. Apparently this is important because it's a featured bullet point in the information booklet. When the CNG tank is empty, the engine automatically switches back to sucking your wallet dry the old fashioned way, through a 36 gallon tank.

It's got the toys you'd expect in a top tier work truck, 4GLTE hotspot, under seat storage, channel lock to XM 60, Outlaw Country. The one I've been lent is an ostentatious "Blue Topaz Metallic" that for some reason doesn't come up on Chevrolet's website as a color option. I'm going to shoot the truck this evening when the light is good but here's something to tide you rabid bastards over. Check out the 2500 in it's natural habitat.

See? Very, very blue. Almost feels wrong on this truck but hey, men love blue right?


So what do you want to know? Should I attempt to drift it? Should I outfit it with Dodgers logos and flags? Maybe I should sign up for Uber for the week. Tell me what you wanna see done with this thing and I'll do my best to make it happen. After all, I owe the internet something good seeing as it should have been magical ZL1 delivery day.

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