Last december, I wrote a wrap up of 6 months behind the wheel of my GTI. In the article, I had a section on what does it cost to run it. Unfortunately, never had time to edit that. So I think it's time for that now that it's been 8 months and a ½.


My car is a Volkswagen GTI 2007 2.0T made in February of 2007. It's the Fahrenheit Edition, 150 in Canada and 1200 south of the border (mine is #25/150 ). I bought it last June and it was registrered for the first time on 07/07/07. This is important, it's the starting date of my warranty : a 7 year, 160 000 kilometers, $3400 Volkswagen Protection Plus 5-star plan. This is a crazy warranty, it covers almost anything except hoses and eveything that goes under normal maintenance. The 5-star plan gives you 24-hour Roadside Assitance, free rental cars and free hotel and restaurant in case of a breakdown more than 300 kilometers from your home.


Like I said in the wrap up, the car was in very poor condition when I initially bought it. But I said « screw it », it has a 5-star plan and everything will be covered. Mistake number 1. Back in June, I thought the car was just dirty and after a good wash it would be good to go, but the truth is the previous owner didn't give a flying f ?&%$ and didn't maintain it. It took half a year for me to understand that. Look at the pictures, and you'll understand that everyone thought it was a dumb fucking stupid move.

The list

I'll go ahead and stop bitching on myself and show you the list of repairs including normal maintenance. It's in chronological order :

-one xenon headlamp at the dealer (mistake number 2, do it yourself and buy one from eBay) : $253.98 (not covered)


-small radiator fan not working causing car to make non-stop intense radiator noise : $252.49 (VWPP)

-front lip reinstall, PO ripped it off (mistake 3, could have done it myself) : $36


-oil change 1 : $80

-new starter, old one was making weird noises : $346.98 (VWPP)

-rear sway bar, noisy suspension : $134.91 (VWPP)

-leaking seal between radiator and intercooler : $74.97 (VWPP)

-new driver's door latch, car would not detect open door : $237.97 (VWPP)

-hose on intercooler : $229.95

-new camshaft adjustement valve, check engine on : $342.69 (VWPP)

-new timing belt, DSG oil change (think it was the first time at 60k miles) : $1099.74


-oil change 2 : $106.01

-new third brake light, old one was condensating, need to remove the spoiler at a body shop : unknow cost, but probably expensive


-new cam follower : unknown cost, there's a warranty extension on that

-bass flair flash on radio, was dropping bass sometimes : $40

-new HVAC motor : unknow, covered by VWPP

-oil change 3 : $81.63

-EPC on, check engine on, traction control stays off, limp mode, skipping idle : brake booster hose and throttle body went out : $517.52 (VWPP). You can see it doing the helicopter on this short video. Maybe it did it because it was so DIRTY :

-broken crankshaft boot : $175.79 (VWPP)

This is over the course of 8,5 months and 18000 miles. I'll give it to you, all repairs been done at the dealer, could have cost a lot less elsewhere.


Total repairs covered by warranty : more than $2083.32

Total repairs covered by me : $1927.31

Grand total : $4010.63

So yeah, there's been 4k of repairs on this car, numerous day into the service bay, loads of Jetta loaners and this doesn't count new tires at purchase ($800), tinted windows ($225), interior cleaning by a pro ($200), new rims for winter ($250) and new winter tires ($375). So, owning this car w/o warranty would have cost more than $5860.63 (don't have the cost of some repairs done under warranty) just to have it running good. No mods done at this point.


If I have one advice to give you guys is to always bring a car for inspection before buying it, no matter what. And if the car is in rough shape, probably means the PO didn't gave a shit about it or maintaining it.

What will I do ? I don't know, I'm kinda scared of what's gonna happen after 7/7/2014 and next winter although it's been trouble free since last month. Selling it would be stupid tho, I love the car, it's unique, its got brand new tires and everything. That would be an other major financial loss.


I wouldn't be scared to own an other MKV GTI, if maintenance has properly been done its a go for me. These little cars are incredible and maintenance is normal, just not $4000 normal.

I'm on Instagram if you want to see more pictures of a costly GTI on a flatbed, @theorangecarguy