In light of Jack Brabham's passing, as the oldest surviving Gran Prix world champion. Gone are the days when auto-racing was so dangerous that cigarettes were the least of our worries.

People think that car enthusiasts are weird when we want a "fun daily" and yet there is no way to get "fun" from your daily commute. Breaking traction or chirping your tire gets you a ticket, so does going 6-10 miles an hour over the limit.

The only consolation is nailing those downshifts entering a cloverleaf exit from 65 mph with a conventional three-pedal transmission. But that will soon be taken away from us, as automated-clutch manuals take over and less car manufactures offer manual transmissions.

Jay Yarow of Business Insider acts as if self-driving cars are the first step towards turning our daily commute into a national bore-fest, when the problem is the car culture itself (How dare you take away my teeth-gnashing hour-a-day crawl to work, Google!)

The fact is, my Passat that's edging two tons and with only 140 horsepowers to spare between the two 215 width front tires is already too fast for the road —ask me to elaborate on this if you want— and too dull to tell me that I'm being a little too fast for the trooper's taste.


I give up. I like actual speed —not going slightly faster than other road-users on a road with a severely underrated speed limit— That is the reason why I was a "car enthusiast" in the first place. I for one, welcome our electronic overlords to take over that chore of commuting we so much adore.

I'll be the Asian guy sitting next to you in traffic on the Eastshore Freeway playing Gran Turismo or Grand Theft Auto on the windshield in the near future. We'll still exchange that secret-handshake-like wave or nod when we pass each other on the roads.