If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

What does my hyundai accent and an old muscle car have in common?

Both vent their gas vapor directly to the atmosphere.

The charcoal canister has failed and is leaking BBs into the large line from the tank. I new one is over $100 and I can now fill my tank up automatically in one go, with that line disconnected.


So basically, replacing the canister with a new one is going somewhere on the to-do list, below lubricating the door hinges, but above putting 22" rims on it.

*Note, I’ve never lubricated the door hinges on any of my cars, and probably never will.

**Second note. Too lazy to go into much detail, but putting the charcoal canister back were it belongs is so stupidly difficult for how much room there is there. The engineer who designed it should’ve been fired.

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