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What does one do...

...when you find yourself stopped at a red light. A car pulls up next to you in the right lane, and because you’re curious, you look to see what car it is. In the process you accidentally lock eyes with the other driver, and then you’re both trapped in a staredown.


It was odd, the other lady was reaching to grab something, looked up, and saw me looking at her car. I turn my head and she’s looking at me. We stare for about 4 seconds (but it felt like forever), and then, to break the awkwardness, I throw up the weirdest little wave and look away.

Typically I’d just... break eye contact... but like, I didn’t. So my natural response was to wave almost exactly like this guy is in this stock photo.

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Photo: Alamy Stock Photo

Thought you all would find that funny, or stupid, or both. For your trouble, here’s a Mercedes E320 wagon I spotted the other day. I have no idea how cool, unique, or significant these are. It was just a good looking wagon, front to back.

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Photo: Me

Take Care Folks!

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