What does oppo do for a living?


RIP 280zx if only the PO hadn’t butchered your wiring harness

I’ve asked this before a long time ago but how do you all bring home the bacon? What eats up your time and happiness and feeds your automotive addiction? 

Why is every single RX-7 owner kind of a sketchball

You can share how you found the job or what you spend your money on too. I’m a student at Colorado state and My bacon comes from a series of hustles such as music producing, and flipping bikes, cars, and various other commodities.

Ray Charles cut and welded the frame and that fender in the back

I also work with my friend who has a startup company that modernizes and automates houses with motion sensors, cameras, voice control, Amazon Alexa type things, sophisticated programs and schedules, alarms, smartphone controlled everything and that type of stuff.

Disregard snapchat caption and no plates; appreciate M5 wheels, coilovers, and stupid exhaust

Everything else is mine but here is a bonus street find in Boulder CO

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