So as the time gets closer to buying my new car, the more I am trying to solidify my decision. Most of my friends will tell you I decide on a new car I want every day and then default back to the same few. Anyways last weekend I looked at the WRX, Outback, and Golf Sportwagen, and to be honestI didn’t like any of them. I am currently leaning the most towards the Toyota 4Runner because it makes the most sense as far as what I want in a vehicle. Yes the gas milage sucks, but I’m leaning towards the long term durability instead because My family, and myself have had so many.

But.... I did think of a way to battle the fuel milage. EcoDiesel Grand Cherokee. Problem 1, too expensive new, so I’d have to go used, and problem 2, they are not that easy to find used.

So my question is, what does Oppo know about the reliability and the performance of these new Diesel jeeps ? Because I know all the in’s and out’s of 4.0L mill in the 4Runners but I don’t know much about these Jeeps.