On Saturday I’m going to check out cars, to be my little sister’s second/college car.

Keep in mind, we’re looking at late 2000's, early teens hatchbacks. I’ve checked out cars for people on plenty of other occasions, but I’d though I’d ask what Oppo does.

My list of things so far.

- Check metal of trunk area for crash damage. (Caught a few undisclosed wrecks this way.)


- Check oil for coolant contamination. Although I don’t expect to find anything since the cars are all pretty new.

- Check tires of course.

- A/C blows cold and any other convince stuff.  

- Check for any obvious leaks

- Check for any obvious suspension or steering problems on test drive.

- Check any visible belts.

- Check condition of coolant hoses.

Also any advice on ways to test the clutch? All of the cars are manual and I’ve only had one clutch go out on me, which grenaded in spectacular fashion, so beyond slipping I don’t know what to look for on the clutch.

Also most of the vehicles we’re looking at are Versas and Fiestas. So if anyone knows anything specific to them, please share it.

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