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In my never ending quest for my next car, my attention has shifted to Honda now that I’m working at a Honda dealer. I have an NC now so I’m looking at either a new civic si coupe (possibly non-si, I really dislike the wing and am looking for something less sporty than the Miata) or an 8th or 9th gen accord v6 coupe, probably a 2016-17 as I want something newer and I see used ones around 22k but by purchase time I expect all the new ones to be gone. I’m leaning more towards the accord, more mature styling and a little comfier while gaining some straight line speed. Any common issues with any of these? The newer turbo motors worry me a little but not looking to buy for at least a year. What about popular mods? Not looking to go crazy I’ve barely modded my NC, just want to get the most out of the last true muscle car.


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