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There has been a lot of discussion here lately about tailgating and left lane blocking. Here’s a story from my drive home from work this morning...

I left the office just after 2am, having arrived at 4pm and being pretty worn out. I headed out, through the rain that was hitting Austin, and jumped on I-35 to make my way out to the burbs. Since it was late, and raining, traffic was light, with only a few trucks and a handful of other people out there on what I can only assume was some important journey like finding the nearest Whataburger for a late night snack. I had my GoPro set up on my dash and recording, since I guessed there might be something interesting to see in the 15 minutes it was going to take me to get home.


About 8 minutes into my drive, in the center lane with my cruise control set just above 70 (speed limit is 70) I came up behind something white with what looked to either be a light bar or rack on the roof. It wasn’t an SUV, so I slowed a little and approached with caution to find that it was a recent model Subaru Impreza. Once I determined that it was not a member of the intrepid law enforcement community that I was assuming were already overburdened pulling people out of the low water crossings, I signalled my way into the left lane and hit resume on the CC. Once past the Subaru, and the semi truck in front of him I signalled and moved back over to keep cruising my way home.

Here’s where it gets weird.

The Subaru appeared in my rear-view mirrors and blew past me doing at least 80 only to pull into the center lane with no turn signal and slow down. Once again I approached him, signalled left and moved over, only to have him signal ONCE and move in front of me with no traffic in the center lane in front of him. Once again I signalled and moved right to pass him on the right.


No more than 30 seconds later he was blazing past me again, only to pull into the center lane and slow down behind another semi truck. When I signalled left, he just moved, so I followed, thinking that he might pass the truck and we could be on our way. No. Once he got next to the trailer he suddenly decided to brake check me. So once again I signalled right, went over two lanes and passed them both in the right lane.

Once past the truck, the Subaru driver again move into the center with no signal, but slowed back down and didn’t mess with me again until I slowed behind some traffic to make my exit. He chose that moment to blaze up past me again, cut in front of me and try to brake check me again, this time on the exit ramp. He led the way matching my move every time I signalled, so obviously watching his mirrors closely. When we got to the next light, with a double left turn lane, I acted like I was going to go straight through, only taking my turn when he had gone through the intersection.


I’m still working on the video (my external storage drive took a dump on me) and trying to figure out what the hell he thought he was doing...

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