...the American Racing AR61 wheel? Ponder first, and then review the case below.

The reason I ask is actually kind of stupid, and that is that I want to go with a steelie-like mag wheel on the Ranchero, and while JEGS makes a creditable DragLite knockoff, there is a problem. Because of reasons, I want to be able to have on the original Falcon dog dishes. They are just the wrong size (9 1/2") to make work with a DragLite or copy: the edge of the dish falls right on the outside of the holes, which makes installing a set of clips (say, like the VW Beetle used) much more risky and weird. If the wheel web is thinner with no holes, no problem. Oh, and the AR-61 looks damn good regardless. So what I’m thinking, is to have something like this (to scale, but lolPaint):